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How I Get Better Results Than Most Traders


Most traders and investors believe they have  one or more winning strategies or techniques.  But it’s those some humans that will almost all agree that their major cause of losses (which severely affects their overall yield) is the ‘human factor’.  Their fears, greed or subconscious baggage causes most losses when they let their losses run, exit too early, stay in a trade too long or simply make mistakes.


I was a below average traders until I faced my issues as well.  Even after 4,000 hours of study and actual live trading I was inconsistent.  I was making profitable trades, but sometimes just blew things up due to my internal issues.  Thankfully I have worked through these issues or found work-arounds.


If you know me personally, either from working with me or for me, you know I was always the ‘charge the hill and crush the enemy’, guy, and never the detail oriented let’s count every penny, guy.  But, I have had to change to go from a gunslinger with inconsistent wins to someone that is very self disciplined, very meticulous and single-minded and focused.  I’m very pleased with my results and the changes I’ve made personally and financially.  I’m eager to work with others to provide them a significant portion of the extraordinary gains I’ve been getting.


One of my most effective work-arounds is to trade a small account and mirror transactions on larger accounts.  Often, trading more capital is not easy for traders because of the inner mental limits we all have when handling or investing money.  One trader is perfectly fine with trading a million dollars per day but another will freak out while trading a $100,000 account compared to their personal $10K account.  To overcome the issues with my own and my trader’s ‘money thermostat’ we only trade using a micro-sized account.


I don’t know of any other firm that does this, but I’ve found that it’s almost a no-brainer to make 1% to 5% ($5 to $25) with a $500 account balance because the brain believes it can easily ‘make a few bucks” on a small account.  The ‘few bucks’ that we make on a small account translates to significant gains when applied to $100K or larger sized account.


So, don’t be concerned that my account size is less than $1,000. as we simply mirror the signals into our live accounts.   The percentage gains per day is what we’re offering investors a chance to participate in.




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